I'm Roy Tang, a developer based in Hong Kong.

Hello, I am Roy Tang.
iOS mobile developer & freelancer
based in Hong Kong.

expected to graduate in 2017

Co-founding team member of Sensbeat, a Hong Kong local social media startup.

With 3 years experience of developing iOS application, I participated in serveral business projects in U.S, Japan, Hong Kong and China.

Currently working as a remote iOS mobile developer for a fast growing startup based in Japan.

I am also an amateur 3D artists, full stack developer, photographer.

I like Japanese culture πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ and do speak some Japanese (N4).



BBA in General Business Management
BEng in Computer Science

2012 - 2017
HK University of Science and Technology


Sensbeat Ltd.
Hong Kong

2012 - 2016
Co-founding team member
iOS Software Engineer
Lead Mobile Developer

Plug and Play Accelerator Program
Silicon Valley, CA, United States

iOS Software Engineer

Vivivit Inc. ζ ͺεΌδΌšη€Ύγƒ’γ‚™γƒ’γ‚™γƒ’γ‚™γƒƒγƒˆ
Tokyo, Japan

2016 - Present
iOS Software Engineer


Sensbeat team are cool kids

Sensbeat - Startup

I joined Sensbeat team when I was just year one in university. All my stories begin from Sensbeat. It is, and will always be, the most important memory in my life.

β€œTwo road diverged in a wood and i took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

Many new opportunities opened up here, and that's make me a not-so-university student - we fighted for fundings, traveled thousands miles from home to explore new opportunties, worked, iterated over and over to see how far we could be.

Originally joined the team as an intern, soon after I picked up the mobile application development, I become one of the co-founding team members. It's not very common for university students in Hong Kong to commit a Full-time position, especially startup, because there are so many things to sacrifice - Grades, and more grades. I can't remember how many semesters are ended with merely passing grade like 1.x 2.x.

Gaining some traction in Hong Kong, we secured not only fundings but also some advisors from U.S, which later encouraged us to explore to foreign market.

Landing in Silicon Valley - Plug & Play Accelerator Program

exploring San Franciso

In mid 2015, we got enroled as an incubatee into Plug and Play Accelerator Program πŸŽ‰ It's a new journey for Sensbeat and all of our teammates.

OMV - Film Your Music Video, with Lyrics

OMV was started as a side-project back to the time staying in Silicon Valley. Inspired by the success of Musical.ly, I believe music video and lyrics would be an excellent combination for users in Asia especially countries speaking Chinese.

I quickly formed a team of two to fast prototyping the product in 3 weeks. Different from Sensbeat main product, OMV was entirely developed in Swift.

OMV leveraged heavily on AVFoudation framework which is built with iOS SDK, as well as GPUImage, Alamofire, PromiseKit, and a number of open source libraries.

Soon after the prototyping success and positive feedbacks from lead users, Sensbeat decided to pivot to OMV app.

OMV somehow gained a good traction in China which grow 50% in 3 iterations with 70k downloads on app store.

StartupiOSSwiftSilicon Valley

Be like a japanese, be like Vivivit

Vivivit - Tokyo, Japan

I have been dreaming to work in Japan since my high school. Shortly after I graduated from my lovely Startup, I joined Vivivit ζ ͺεΌδΌšη€Ύγƒ“γƒ“γƒ“γƒƒγƒˆ as an intern iOS mobile developer and started working in Tokyo Japan.

Working in Japan is an entire new experience for me - the culture, environment, and people.

Vivivit is a fast-growing job hunting service based in Tokyo, it took me quite a bit of time to understand the idea of tenshoku (軒職) culture in Japan. Trust me, switching job is not as easy as if in Hong Kong and U.S.

The challenges head-on is to build a native iOS solution for current web services which is used by hundreds of local business and students, with an urgent request that their competior - Wantedly, has already shipped an iOS app that is of fairly high quality grasping noticable business impact.

I understand the importance of this project and believe in heart that it will not be simple as making a workable iOS solution could even make an impact. Before the hands-on development, I spend literally few whole days to study the Wantedly apps - understand their pros and cons, performance, UI/UX, typography, navigation logic - like every single details could not be missed. Building an app for a different culture is not as easy as I imagine.

Users think in a completely different way across cultures.

Performane was also a big challenge - I don't want to build something that runs noticeably slow then competitor's one, and they are actually doing great.
To secure the performance, while maintaining a quite complex layout, built-in mechanism from UIKit doesn't seem to be efficient enough.

I proposed a solution using AsyncDisplayKit, developed by Facebook and Pinterest, to tackle to performance challenge. It turns out to be a great success in which UI performance is speed up drastically, while performance boost is not the only advantage from adopting Async-rendering, AsyncDisplayKit also offer an truly awesome Layout tools, as compared to native NSAutoLayout, benefiting both the performance and ease of development. Layout elements have never been so reusable, flexable (everything is dynamic height!!) and extensible with such promising performance. It comes with a relatively deep learning curve, inevitably, but what it returns are with no doubts worth spending a day or two to study a new way for managing views in iOS.


I am also an amateur 3D artist